Dehlia Hannah is a philosopher and curator. She is currently Mads Øvlisen Postdoctoral Fellow in Art and Natural Sciences in the Department of Chemistry and Biosciences at Aalborg University-Copenhagen and an affiliate of the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI) in Berlin. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Columbia University, with specializations in philosophy of science and aesthetics. Her recent book A Year Without a Winter (2018) reframes contemporary imaginaries of climate change by revisiting the environmental conditions under which Frankenstein was written and the global aftermath of the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora. Her current project An Imaginary Museum of Philosophical Monsters foregrounds the role of images in philosophical reasoning.


  1. November 23 | Lecture, Novo Nordisk Foundation Art Inspirational Meeting, Hellerup/Online
  2. October 24 | Book Launch, Julian Charrière-Towards No Earthly Pole, Edited by Dehlia Hannah, Mousse Publishing, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (Link)
  3. October 15-23 | Germany Academy in Rome, Villa Massimo, Guest of Gustav Dusing (Link)
  4. September 30 | Lecture, Weathering-Ecologies of Exposure, Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin (Link)
  5. September 17 | Book Launch, Nanna Debois Buhl-Cloud Behavior, “The Philosopher Against the Clouds,” Humboldt Books/Laboratory for Arts and Ecology, Annual Report, Copenhagen (Link)
  6. August 18 | Book Launch, Connectedness: An Incomplete Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, “Aesthetics (as First Philosophy),” Strandberg Publishing, Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen (Link)